Open Moko vs. iPhone

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    1. disparkys 93 months ago | reply

      so the neo1973 is thicker than the iphone and the screen is smaller...

    2. nata2 93 months ago | reply

      yep. the neo1973 isn't very impressive next to the iphone. especially since the iphone is also unix based (although not linux based).

    3. gaidints 93 months ago | reply

      It's also half the price of the IPhone and no 2 year contract. Of course the hardware spec's aren't going to be as good. The hardware's not the point, the software is.

    4. mac morrison 93 months ago | reply

      yeah and you can get the neo in orange and white - swoon!
      iphone is an ugly beast - B O R I N G casing

    5. nata2 93 months ago | reply

      lol at hardware not being the point.

      as soon as the software is up to par with any mobile phone - then we will see the true potential of the neo. right now. it barely dials, barely works and is a bit useless as a mobile device.

      with that said - it is amazing to have a native shell on your phone. amazing.

    6. disparkys 93 months ago | reply

      of course hardware is the point. It defines where ur software ends! but anyhoo the trouble is that due to the fact that is open source, either the applications will be almost the same as the mac/microsoft ones, either will lack creativity. But this phone really intrigued me. and if the rumours about the wifi mod are true I'm definately buying it this october.

    7. isforinsects 93 months ago | reply

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