Kilted Nataraj

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    The weather was a balmy 27 (f), and so finally warm enough to break out the kilt again.

    1. SunCat 86 months ago | reply

      Oh yeah. That's the first thing I reach for in the closet on those 27deg days ;-)

    2. chefjen_g 86 months ago | reply

      Where's your ankle-knife-thingum?

    3. nataraj_hauser / eyeDance 86 months ago | reply

      It's still kinda cold out, so it's a bit higher up...


    4. aitchoh 86 months ago | reply

      NICE KNEES!!!!! Lookin' good babe!
      What is the family plaid?

      Info on the knife:
      There is little that students of highland dress agree on about the sgian dubh, even its spelling. It is seen as skein dubh, sgian dhub, skene du, skean dhu and skhian dubh, and doubtless others. Phonetically, it is pronounced skein or skeen doo. The meaning, however, is clear: sgian means knife or dagger, dubh means black. There is some discussion about the meaning of black in this connotation. Some feel that black comes from the usual color of the handle of the little knife, but the great majority feel that it means secret, or hidden, as in the word blackmail. This is rooted in one of the prominent theories about the knife's origin.

      did I go overboard on that detail? grins!

    5. nataraj_hauser / eyeDance 86 months ago | reply

      The tartan is "Buchanan". Since I don't have a single drop of Scot in me (and not much scotch, either) I don't fret too much about clan. I chose this based mostly on color and availability. There used to be no more than a couple hundred clan tartans, now there are thousands. If Clan McBubba can have one, it's no longer too special. That said, I'd like to thank the one and only Buchanan I know for giving me the clan "thumbs up". I prefer to tell people that the Bohemian blood in me gives me permission to dress however I want, and go wherever I want. That, of course, is only when some yahoo is gettin' all in my face over where I am or how I'm dressed.

      Speaking of which, when someone (drunk) asks me what I'm wearing under my kilt, I typically look down very deliberately and reply, "Boots and socks."

    6. jefprov108 85 months ago | reply

      I love the look of this kilt I am glad you wear it whenever you can! YOU GO GUY!

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