The Faces of Frankie Stein

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    I just LOVE Frankie!! I can't possibly pick a favorite face-up of hers as I can find something special about each of them! SDCC Frankie isn't pictured as she's still in the box. I will definitely be getting the Scary Tales version of her when she's released. I doubt I'll get the Skull Shores five pack unless it goes on sale. I really want that version of Frankie, but I don't want all those extra dolls. Haha! ;-)

    Here's my old Frankie pic from last year:

    Photo taken with iPhone 4S.

    Explored. :)

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    1. DreamerMonster 32 months ago | reply

      She,s Adorable!

    2. Still Plays With Dolls 32 months ago | reply

      I love this picture, but I couldn't help but think: how long did it take you to undress all those and then put their clothes back on! LOL

    3. babel53 32 months ago | reply

      Waouw !!!!!

    4. Nataloons™ 32 months ago | reply

      Agreed! :)
      Haha! I started keeping my dolls nude and all the accessories organized separately so that when I have an idea for a photo I can pull from everything. It helps me to see everything laid out like that and then the dolls are sort of a blank canvas to create on. :)
      Thanks! :D

    5. C00KIEMONSTR 32 months ago | reply

      love the skull shores frankies eyes, they have something magical in them :3

    6. Ashbet 31 months ago | reply

      I looove Frankie -- I think your Frankie collection and mine could battle it out, because I have multiples of a few favorites . . . LOL!! **hugs**

      Your girls are gorgeous, and I love this shot!

    7. MissMandyLynne 31 months ago | reply

      i think my Frankie collection could take both of you guys on ^_^

    8. Nataloons™ 31 months ago | reply

      Thank you!
      Y'all would win as I don't have duplicates. Haha! ;-)

    9. BrandyVSOP 31 months ago | reply

      What a fabulous collection of Frankie!

    10. Nataloons™ 31 months ago | reply

      Thanks so much! :D

    11. Jaxpurl 31 months ago | reply

      Love love love Frankie - thank you so much for sharing your photos of our dreamboat monster

    12. Nataloons™ 31 months ago | reply

      You're welcome! Happy to share! :D

    13. LilyVampWolf 28 months ago | reply

      You are so brilliant and inspiring! You inspired me to make a Flickr account to tell you how wonderful you are. I hope all is well for you and the damage of the storm was minimal. Keep up the monster high madness!!

    14. Nataloons™ 28 months ago | reply

      That's absolutely wonderful to hear! Thanks so much! :D

    15. MyAmericanGirlStudio 25 months ago | reply

      What is the Frankie Doll in the bottom corner on the left with blue lips? I've been trying to find out, but no one knows! Also, what Frankie is the one with green lips?

    16. MissMandyLynne 25 months ago | reply

      that's Gloom Beach or Killer Style - and the one with green lips is Roller Maze ^^

    17. Cessendra22 24 months ago | reply

      Love this photo! :D Frankie is my favourite ever Monster High character. So I keep coming back to this, just to look at all the Frankies <3

    18. Nataloons™ 23 months ago | reply

      That makes me so happy! Thanks so much! :D

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