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Day 190 - The Money Shot | by nataliej
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Day 190 - The Money Shot

This shot cost me £70....


I spent the last few days staying with Chris and Sarah down in Cambridge and yesterday we decided on the spur of the moment to have a BBQ (like most Brits on a sunny afternoon). So Sarah and I drove to Tesco to go and get some supplies.


The yellow of the Oil Seed Rape had been distracting me on the way there, so as we were driving back, I stopped the car to take my 365 shot for the day. I parked the car and put my camera on the roof (I didn't have a tripod with me). I did a test shot, but the camera was angled too low, so I reached into my bag and grabbed my wallet to use to level things out. Perfect!


I set the 10 second timer, ran up the road, posed and then ran back. I grabbed the camera, looked at the shot and it looked fine, so I got back into the car and we carried on driving.


The afternoon progressed nicely, the BBQ was lovely, the sun shone, we got plenty of practice on the Wii and eventually I said my goodbyes and headed home. 10 minutes into my journey I stopped to get some fuel, reached into my bag to get my wallet, and I couldn't find it. "That's weird" I thought. I rang Sarah and Chris, I searched my car, they searched their house. We discussed where I'd last seen it.... then the penny dropped. Shit! I left it on top of my car!




Well, it wasn't on the top of my car anymore! So it must have fallen off somewhere along the road as we drove back. Shit.


I turned the car around and drove back to see if I could find it. In the meantime Sarah and Chris went back in the fading light as well to see if they could find it.


Half an hour later, and it was getting pretty dark, so we had to give up and head home. The wallet was nowhere to be seen.


I decided to stay the night, mulling over my own ineptitude and then had another look this morning in the daylight. I still couldn't see it though. Plus, it's a 4 mile drive from the photo point back to the house, and it could have fallen off anywhere, so it's a pretty big search area. Oh, and the wallet is brown. Like the mud. Hmmm, nicely camouflaged!


So I am now missing 2 credit cards, 2 debit cards, a donor card, various loyalty cards, my national insurance card, £60 cash, a spare front door key, an old photo of me and some stamps.




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Taken on May 5, 2008