Blog Your Way to The K
Searching For a Royal Spring: a blog post I wrote on May 17th associated with this set of photos, as a part of a new Royals promotion embracing social media, known as: "Blog Your Way to The K."

The event included a total of 8 participants chosen from applications via the web. All participants were bloggers and or users of other social media channels such as Twitter and were expected to share the experience via those means, before, during, and after the game against the Cleveland Indians.

We were given media privileges such as behind the scenes tours of the press area, access to the pro-game press conference with manager Ned Yost, field access during batting practice, informal interviews with Hosmer, Chen, Montgomery, and the super staff of Royals media personnel.

We spent the game in a fantastic suite where we microblogged via Twitter, etc., and interacted with fans digitally from outside the stadium. After the game we were also given access to the post-game press conference.

As of 2011, this sort of thing clearly remains a novelty in the world of professional sports. Traditional media coverage of this event can be found here:

NBC action news:

(The local guys are ON it.)



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