2012 LEGO Contest
We asked children and adults in six age groups to use their own plastic bricks to make an original LEGO creation. The results were amazing! Thank you to everyone who took part.

And the winners are...


1st Place - G. Rewa
2nd Place - C. Burke
Crowd Favorite - B. Gibbons
Best Architectural - S. Harris
Best Vehicle - B. Gibbons
Most Creative - G. Griggs
Most Sophisticated - G. Tucker

Grade K – 2

1st Place - C. Metelka
2nd Place - L. Royka
Crowd Favorite - C. Richards
Best Architectural - B. Temple
Best Vehicle - L. Aaronson
Coolest Robot - M. Jao
Most Creative - B. Shetler
Most Sophisticated - L. Royka

Grade 3-5

1st Place - N. Smith
2nd Place - A. Keiningham
Crowd Favorite - N. Smith
Crowd Favorite - A. Keiningham
Best Architectural - M. Bryan
Best Vehicle - W. Hirschman
Cutest - M. Abigail
Most Creative - A. Keiningham
Most Sophisticated - N. J. Frank

Grade 6-8

1st Place - M. Toman
2nd Place - K. Thompson
Crowd Favorite - A. Peterson
Best Work based on a film - A. Harris
Coolest Robot - J. Donovan and L. Ferris
Most Creative - A. Peterson
Most Sophisticated - D. Stepniewski
Most Sophisticated - J. A. Raymond

Grade 9-12

1st Place - G. L. Raymond
2nd Place - E. and A. Booher
Crowd Favorite - G. L. Raymond
Best Architectural - K. Raymond
Most Creative - B. Stewart


1st Place - C. and M. Miller
2nd Place - K. Woo
Crowd Favorite - S. Davidson, M. Fox, K. Turco
Best Architectural - C. and M. Miller
Best Vehicle - C. Mueller
Most Comical Concept - S. E. Hanson
Most Creative - S. Davidson, M. Fox, K. Turco
Most Historical - M. Owen
Most Sophisticated - K. Woo
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