HL-10 on Lakebed with B-52 flyby

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    Title: HL-10 on Lakebed with B-52 flyby

    Full Description: NASA research pilot Bill Dana takes a moment to watch NASA's NB-52B cruise overhead after a research flight in the HL-10. On the left, John Reeves can be seen at the cockpit of the lifting body. The HL-10 was one of five lifting body designs flown at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, California, from July 1966 to November 1975 to study and validate the concept of safely maneuvering and landing a low lift-over-drag vehicle designed for reentry from space. Northrop Corporation built the HL-10 and M2-F2, the first two of the fleet of "heavy" lifting bodies flown by NASA. The contract for construction of the HL-10 and the M2-F2 was $1.8 million. "HL" stands for horizontal landing, and "10" refers to the tenth design studied by engineers at NASA's Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va. After delivery to NASA in January 1966, the HL-10 made its first flight on December 22, 1966, with research pilot Bruce Peterson in the cockpit. Although an XLR-11 vehicle, the first 11 drop flights from the B-52 launch aircraft were powerless glide flights to assess handling qualities, stability, and control. In the end, the HL-10 was judged to be the best handling of the three original heavy- weight lifting bodies (M2-F2/F3, HL-10, X-24A). The HL-10 was flown 37 times during the lifting body research program and logged the highest altitude and fastest speed in the Lifting Body program. On February 18, 1970, Air Force test pilot Peter Hoag piloted the HL-10 to Mach 1.86 (1,228 mph). Nine days later, NASA pilot Bill Dana flew the vehicle to 90,030 feet, which became the highest altitude reached in the program. Some new and different lessons were learned through the successful flight testing of the HL-10.

    Date: 01/01/1969

    Image #: ECN-2203
    Original url: grin.hq.nasa.gov/ABSTRACTS/GPN-2000-000201.html
    UID: SPD-GRIN-GPN-2000-00 0201
    Center: DFRC
    Center Number: ECN-2203
    GRIN DataBase Number: GPN-2000-000201

    SOURCE: nasaimages.org/luna/servlet/detail/nasaNAS~5~5~22472~127029

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    1. Rob Leath 44 months ago | reply

      WOW i was just 3 months old when this awesome shot was taken

    2. Already have a Flickr account? [deleted] 44 months ago | reply


    3. NicolasArg 44 months ago | reply

      What an amazing photo. I wonder what did they use to take it. It's clearly a kodachrome, and it looks a bit grainy to be a 4x5. Any hint?

    4. ALEXISEZ 44 months ago | reply

      This shot is so awesome I will love to meet the person who shot it

    5. Paul J Nelson 44 months ago | reply

      See if this reminds you of a certain movie :)

    6. * Lobo * 44 months ago | reply



    7. -sigma- 44 months ago | reply

      A great classic. Almost surreal.

    8. flun1tr4z3p4m 44 months ago | reply

      What an outstanding shot!

    9. itai bachar 43 months ago | reply

      This can pass as a Syd Mead frame!
      Wasn't this Steve Austin's accident airplane?

    10. holloway steve 42 months ago | reply

      oh that's cool.

    11. Sergio Verrecchia - Digital Imaging Technician 41 months ago | reply

      Your work is perfect for our
      Contest #4: The World of Iron Wings!
      Please consider posting!

    12. airplaneguy38 40 months ago | reply

      I want that photographers job, Great shot

    13. Mark_Nox 28 months ago | reply

      I see this photo's used in the new transformers movie (Dark of the Moon). Mounted on a wall in the background of one of the shots. Awesome shot.

    14. BlueisCoool 19 months ago | reply

      Very nice capture - congrats!

    15. bike-R 11 months ago | reply

      I GOT A BLOWOUT DAMPER 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Steve Austin Six Million dollar MAN!!!!!!

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