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    Star trail composite created with iss030e171842 thru iss030e171889

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    1. bior 23 months ago | reply

      This is amazing. I want to favorite it a thousand times

    2. briggsith 23 months ago | reply

      It's full of stars!

    3. Wintkley 23 months ago | reply

      what is that light which crosses the center right of the photo?

    4. bior 23 months ago | reply

      I'm betting it's another object in orbit around Earth

    5. billdavis6959 23 months ago | reply

      That is exactly what it is. Check out the crew videos and you will see this sometimes.

    6. stigkk 23 months ago | reply


    7. german h 23 months ago | reply

      out of this world!

      ...but that's an understatement

    8. Long Ball Larry 23 months ago | reply

      you... my friend.... have taken star trails to a whole new level!!! that most people would never have the opportunity to re-create. amazing!

    9. Imajilon 23 months ago | reply

      Your pics redefine the word "amazing". :D

    10. xieyongguan 22 months ago | reply

      what's the lines?

    11. michaeljameslewis 22 months ago | reply

      these are so incredible!!!!!

    12. 朱雀宅不住 22 months ago | reply


    13. luka567 21 months ago | reply


    14. DrawMonkey 20 months ago | reply

      Mindblowing how it doesn't look natural at all.

    15. CLCompton 15 months ago | reply

      Wow, Just freekin wow....

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