a small measure

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    1. nardell 54 months ago | reply

      tanya - thank you so very much my friend. :))

      carlina - hey there, and thanks! glad you like it and thanks for the invite. ;)

      stephanie - haha. it's too late, i already leaved. um, left. um... :)

      linda - ha. thank you, and *sigh* back for your whole abandoned house series. wow.

      sharon - hey there. you know, you just crossed my mind this morning. thank you for coming by and for the kind words. :)

      katarzyna - dziekuje. i appreciate that. :)

      martha - haha. you are priceless dear. thank you so much. and i'm going to copy/paste that comment under my next selfportrait, ok? haha. :) xo

      fernanda - hola fer! you've been missed dear friend. i hope you have been well, and please roam around all you'd like. :)) xoxo

    2. cpham_ 54 months ago | reply

      "words fallen from poems"

      i love that so much .

      and you <3

    3. aboutaboyo 54 months ago | reply

      stunningly good :D

    4. mrsralphnardell [deleted] 54 months ago | reply

      I fall 4 U...

    5. jasfitz | letsfrolictogether.com 54 months ago | reply

      you know, you are pretty wow.

    6. Ash Danielle Baker 54 months ago | reply

      in flight! love it.

    7. Ally Jo 54 months ago | reply

      well. I was in absolute awe at this photo.
      but all my thoughts have run away to chuckling at mrsralphnardell sudden appearances. lol.

      seriously though, this is beyond fantastic.
      caused a gasp from me when I first saw it.

    8. alight 54 months ago | reply

      this moment *

      (i'm with adrian, ralph .. deep bow :)

    9. Anouksmit 54 months ago | reply

      wow stunning!

    10. 68beats 54 months ago | reply

      such a lovely capture!!

    11. sylviamio 54 months ago | reply

      i would love this even without the little leaf.

    12. blueblue72 54 months ago | reply

      Oh I do love that, Ralph. Leaves are even harder to catch falling than butterflies are sitting still, I have a tough time with it for sure.

    13. .katarína [deleted] 54 months ago | reply


      my what insightful comment I just wrote :D sigh. I better stick with faving today.

    14. Vitorio Benedetti 54 months ago | reply

      time standing still.

    15. lapupi142758 38 months ago | reply

      i love this one its b so great

    16. Yan.C 38 months ago | reply


    17. Konstantin Rafikov 38 months ago | reply

      Perfect. Very calm and poetic photo.

    18. ckm2005 37 months ago | reply


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