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A beauty in the rice | by NaPix -- (Time out)
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A beauty in the rice

Explore #90 on Wednesday, May 20, 2009


or: "I So a beauty in the rice"


Hmong, Sapa -- We are planting the Rice now.

In this image you can see my daughter So (many images of her in my stream) placing a freshly pulled rice shoots. They will be bound together and transferred to the planting paddies, about 2 km away, for planting the next day.


The rice planting season has just start and everyone will be busy in the labor intensive process. Unlike what many of you may think, it a happy time for the Hmong, when families and friends work together. They chat and laugh and you will never hear a complaint or see a sign of hardship.


To answer questions regarding my close contact; I spend all my time with my friends, morning to nigh, and sometimes nights. In the paddies up to my knees... and I do put my gear aside and work sometimes (must have a pix somewhere as proof, like RICE Front Page :) It’s a thick paste, so you sink slowly and feel the earth squeezing through your toes and wrapping you. You kind of slide into it and the same when you make a step in reverse, like a wet warm sock. You feel really connected and one with earth. It’s a balancing act to walk the narrow and slippery edges.


The following set of images was taken 3 years ago when I spent a month with my family and close friends.


See the rice set here


The Black Hmong are the 3rd largest minority in Vietnam with nearly 900,000 people. In the Sapa region there are about 35,000 residing in the surrounding 17 villages and they account for about 50% of the area population. The Hmong started migrating to Vietnam from china in the last 300 years. They live of the land and believe in the spirits.


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Taken on May 20, 2006