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Hmong harvest Red Rice

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My daughters So and Cha cutting Red rice in Sa Pa village an an altitude of Aprox. 1800 m., helping a friend’s family to complete the harvest that ahs been plagued by constant rain.


Hmong women always dress their best and keep neet and clean, even for planting and harvest and other field work. Every woman pride is showing her embroidery skills on the new set of cloth they will make every year for every member of their family. Most Black Hmong in this region make the material from Hemp they grow (and don’t smoke) and than use the Indigo Blue plant to dye it. The sleeves design will signal the village and regions they are from. The large belt, with the design on the back, is the largest and most important item. Once the harvest is completed, soon, they will be busy for the next 4 month producing the new set of clothing for the New Year ceremonies.


See more info about the Black Hmong and the Sapa community on other images on this set.

You are invited to view other images about RICE planting and harvest here:




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