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We are planting the rice now…


see the Rice Planting set: www.flickr.com/photos/napix/sets/72157605373398672/


Khu and Mi Tu on here back planting sticky rice


“Human beings weren’t made solely to go in search of wisdom, but also to plough the land, wait for rain, plant the rice, harvest the grain, make the bread.”

Paulo Cohelo


Singapore Short Stories sums up the reasons why rice is expensive today:


1) Higher fuel costs, with crude soaring above US $100 a barrel and threatening to stay that way, have been a major factor in the crisis, making fertilizer more expensive and increasing transport costs.

2) In Southeast Asia, disease, pests and an unparalleled 45-day cold snap that extended from China to Vietnam in January and February have also hurt harvests. Flooding in the Philippines and Vietnam has added to the growing crisis.

3) Medium-grade rice exported from Thailand, the world’s biggest rice exporter, reached $760 a metric ton, up from $360 a ton at the end of last year.


read more about the rice situation here:



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Taken on May 22, 2006