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Business Card v3bis

The company I've been setting up is ready for some business cards. It's called Crowdbuilder.


This is the most recent draft and I'm strongly in favor of going with this version.


The people I work with are small business owners, freelancers or artists. They're extremely passionate about what they do, but are behind in communicating that, especially when it comes to the web.


I help them get online if they aren't already, and try to get them noticed with the right audience. That means integrated communication: web, design and PR.


/*End marketing BS*/


What you may notice:


1. No business name on the front (top image). I'm no big brand so it wouldn't help. It's visual and concise.


2. Limited contact information on the back (bottom image). A card is a starting point. People can find my fax or tax details later.


3. QR code. People who know what to do with this won't have to type. Newbies are intrigued.


Questions for your consideration:


1. Is this too limited in visual elements or information? How about the color scheme?


2. What does this convey? I'd like to combine "clean and classy but not businesslike" with "creative and modern but not too geeky".


3. I've always hated the visual appearance of email addresses and URLs. I tried to combine the two, but does it work?


4. Does anything annoy or bother you?


Font is Droid (which I love). Website is a placeholder one-pager until I realign and incorporate the updated color scheme and style.


Submitted to Drawar Crits.

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Taken in May 2010