1st day success!

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    We're off to a great start and have raised $1,200 after the first day! Several new MOCs have been added to the store!

    Donate a creation!

    1. Julandrius 29 months ago | reply

      Congrats :D
      I know it's for charity and all but damn those things are overpriced :(

      Wouldn't you guys get more profit by selling more items for less money each? Not hating ,I know it's for charity, but not everyone can spend 90$ on a small 15$ like moc :s

    2. Si-MOCs 29 months ago | reply


      You have to catch the new releases - there were some really great deals yesterday - but they were bought up quickly.

      I agree lower priced items would be nice - except the shipping eats up a lot of that "profit" :(

      My advice - either check frequently, or be like me and save your pennies for something big :D


      Great work Nan & Co!
      Hopefully this will be the first of many great days!

    3. Blake's Baericks 29 months ago | reply

      If you want to support the charity, donating a creation is a good way. There are lots of buyers, and very little builders.

    4. Julandrius 29 months ago | reply

      Makes sense, I'll consider it.

    5. Nannan Z. 29 months ago | reply

      It can seem a bit pricey but once a creation sells is not available anymore, suddenly it doesn't seem so anymore!

      There are other ways to help besides making a purchase. You can donate a creation and get reimbursed for the cost of making it, so essentially you're donating just your time. The vast majority of our creations eventually sell, but we could always use more MOC donations!

      Edit: yea, what said :)

    6. Gabe Umland 29 months ago | reply

      Did Tyler's figs sell yet? I never saw them in the store...

    7. Julandrius 29 months ago | reply

      Well, that does sound good. I'll think about it.
      Good luck either way

    8. Nannan Z. 29 months ago | reply

      Not yet, you should probably contact him to see when he will be ready for me to add them to the store.

    9. Masked Builder 29 months ago | reply

      I just have to get the parts together for my donation. There will probably be a couple from me.

    10. Legohaulic 29 months ago | reply

      I'll have them up once some parts come in to finish off the second batch. I'm donating an entire set, and another set as pairs. I'll make a comment on my main photo about when they should be added.

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