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  1. Karf Oohlu 37 months ago | reply

    All I can say is...brilliant : )

  2. Becheman 37 months ago | reply

    The mouths are perfect, as are the acid glands :D

  3. BaneStudios 37 months ago | reply

    Banelings? Seems like you built pets for me.

  4. StoryWriter 37 months ago | reply

    She's a beauty!..

  5. Bart Willen 37 months ago | reply

    These are awesome!

  6. Nannan Z. 37 months ago | reply

    I'm donating one for the Bricks Helping Japan charity, buy it on eBay!

  7. lower_torso 37 months ago | reply

    Nannan always has the best creepy hellspawn!

  8. \/\/\/\/\/\ 37 months ago | reply

    totally recognizable from the thumb. Great work on something that is very hard to pull off. Now you just need a whole bunch of disintegrated marines, lololololooll

    by the way, do you play SC2, nannan?

  9. Nannan Z. 37 months ago | reply

    Yes I do play SC2, just got into it this year.

  10. \/\/\/\/\/\ 37 months ago | reply

    heh, cool. I've been playing (and spectating) since beta but still pretty much play like I just got into it myself (read: I suck). But I have loads of fun and that's why I play in the first place, so it's all good :)

    we should find out what other lego nerds around here are also starcraft nerds and have a meet-up on sometime :)

  11. \/\/\/\/\/\ 37 months ago | reply

    oh, and I just posted this to r(eddit)/starcraft, so if you get a crapload of traffic here soon, that might be the reason ;)

  12. Nannan Z. 37 months ago | reply

    Thanks, that's quite a spike indeed. I love all the comments from the non-FOL community about how "Legos" have changed beyond their recognition.

  13. <Antimatter> 37 months ago | reply

    So Nannan, Are you a master league hero?

  14. \/\/\/\/\/\ 37 months ago | reply

    yeah, haha. While I find most of the people on Reddit are straight shooters, there's a fair dose of individuals who either "hate everything" or "were into 'it' before 'it' was cool/popular/big" (the hipster mentality). Thankfully, these people are very much the minority over there. Especially so in r/lego.

  15. Z.E.R.O.. 37 months ago | reply

    post deconstruction of them. if you do it, i will honor you forever and have thosands of my "friends" honor you too.

  16. Mackenzie B. 37 months ago | reply

    From the thumbnail I thought these were mini-scale, and then I clicked on it and I was like :D

  17. Haypro 33 months ago | reply

    I wonder why I haven't noticed that piece of art yet, but it's truly perfection

  18. SNIPER2080 21 months ago | reply

    Awesome banelings! I first saw them on when they showed your review on your lego helion. There are currently none on ebay and I have the money to buy one, so when will your next auction be?

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