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    This list shows all 120 creations sold for Creations for Charity 2010 from late October to December 7th. View original size for details and prices.

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    1. кола☭ 42 months ago | reply

      Are there still some left?

    2. Nannan Z. 42 months ago | reply

      Yes there is but the numbers are thinning. There are more interested buyers than donors, and I'm always hoping to hear from people who want to donate a MOC.

    3. :jovian: 42 months ago | reply

      How long is this running Nannan?

    4. Wallopy Joe 42 months ago | reply

      I missed the Spinner... crap. Woulda been awesome.

      Ah well, can't wait for that Tripod.

    5. Nannan Z. 42 months ago | reply

      The sale runs until December 7th. MOC donations are accepted until December 1st.

      Thanks again and enjoy the model!

    6. JETfri 42 months ago | reply

      do you ship to Europe ?

    7. legovaughan 42 months ago | reply

      Mr Z, do you set the prices or is that up to the MOC contributors? I have something I might like to contribute but I have no idea what it might be worth to someone.

    8. Nannan Z. 42 months ago | reply

      I ask the builder to come up with an approximate value for the MOC, then I will list that MOC at no lower than that price (usually higher). For example, Tyler estimated his Spinner at $50-60, but I thought it would be worth more, so I listed it at $150 and it was the first item sold.

      Thanks for your interest, I hope to see your contribution!

    9. marioman3138 42 months ago | reply

      is there a list of creations yet to be added? i have something that i am currently looking at, but want to know if anything better (ie: that i like it more) will come up. Any way to do that?

    10. Nannan Z. 42 months ago | reply

      Some yet to be added creations are here, others are donated and added on the spot.

    11. Maze24 42 months ago | reply

      I happened to get Alex Fojtik's mech :D

    12. Krika99 42 months ago | reply

      Legohaulic's too modest. ;D

    13. Brick Mercenaries Custom Minifigures 42 months ago | reply

      This is awesome Nannan :) I've got a few more figures coming your way - let's see how many kids we can make a great Christmas for!

    14. lLikePi 42 months ago | reply

      Wow, the MOCs this year are even better than last year's! Brilliant MOCs, everyone!

    15. WWII brick 41 months ago | reply

      Brickarms was selling the rail gun!!!Whoever bought it is extremely lucky

    16. WisrthanU 41 months ago | reply

      ^That was one of my donations, and who knows, there might be another one coming up in the final days...

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