Rain in summer :-)

It was really a nice climate today... I love this weather. That's the tennis court near to my apt :-)


@ Lana - See today I broke my laziness and decided to go outside, but it was raining heavily.Whatsoever I went outside and drenched in the rain... It was really nice :-)




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Uma-, crlpix (Away) and 4 more people faved this
  • Ekler 6y

    lol ")
    but man! the thunder!!! drop me a link to the tutorial if you have a sec..
    wow! totally unreal mood and I totally see that you love this weather!
    it screams - power!
    was it the wide lense? or you did an effect?

    super cool work, man you got really good in a very short period of time!
  • Ekler 6y

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Old School Digital, and we'd love to have this added to the group!
  • Jayashree !!$! 6y

    oo thts awesome!!!!!
    the tones r so nice in this!
  • KK 6y

    Fun shot!!! The greenish tones really work with the mood :) nicely done..and yaaaye for getting wet in the rain ;)
  • a girl, dreaming her life away 6y

    this is so great, love the tones, beautiful.
  • NAN’S Photography & Imagery 6y

    Thanks a lot Uma, dynamic_ashwin, Rowena, Sinclair B

    @crlpix - ".beautiful rain and the promise of green...human renewable energy!" I like this perspective :-)

    Thanks Anil

    And you Lana :-), you are asking me on how to process photos.... are you kidding. okeh but I don't have link or tutorial... as you said I over lay the cloudy picture to get the dark cloudy effect since it was very bright in the original and used the lightning brushes. actually it's raining heavily ... :-)

    Thanks Jayashree

    Thanks krazykrayons - yaaaye rain is real fun ...

    Thanks Leanna for visiting :-)
  • Ekler 6y

    ah-ha, lightning brushes! I thought there was a technique besides it :) i am so going to try it!! :) always wanted to - thank you!

    yes - i am asking, i know very little, we all should learn from each other
    and to add a cloud layer to reduse brightnes! what an awesome idea! (how come I have never come up with it???)
    so thank you!
  • Nidhi Srivastava 6y

    OMG! Love this shot!!
  • NAN’S Photography & Imagery 6y

    @Lana : I forgot to tell you I haven't used any wide angle lens, I added the effect :-/
  • Louise 6y

    This looks like taken from fish-eye! Amazing that you just processed the... err, curve? And I just absolutely adore the tones.
  • away forever 6y

  • kelia is a photographer. 6y

    let me tell you.
    everytime it rains here, this picture shows EXACTLY what i do.

    i love the rain.
    and this picture is just great. (:
  • wild iris 6y

    this is a lovely composition! Especially love the green tone :)
  • NAN’S Photography & Imagery 6y

    @ Nidhi - Thanks a lot :-)

    @Louise - Yeah there was option in PSP for fish eye effect I used tha tone.

    @ Eric - Thank you my friend :-)

    @ kelia - Thanks a lot for visiting my stream, nice to see that you also enjoy rain as much as I do

    @ wild iris - Thanks a lot for visiting my stream :-)
  • lindsey☮hutcheon 6y

    wow :D
    this is wonderful.
  • yellowtights 6y

    wow... very dramatic!
    could look at this pic for hours and think about,
    what you want to tell the beholder! :)
    i like rain, if it´s warm rain,
    but i think at the moment it is raining to much!
    don´t know, when my clothes were dry the last time!
    love your pic!
  • ~ zephyr ~ 6y

    dude, i totally love this one, i mean the idea, and the lightening in the sky and idk, its so dramatic!!
    love it! =)
  • NAN’S Photography & Imagery 6y

    Thank you lindsey :-)

    Thank you yellow tights :-) yeah it was raining heavily

    Thanks a lot zaphyr :-)
  • Andi Jetaime 6y

    Feels so free and at one with nature. Beautiful.
  • janevictoriaphotos 6y

    A lovely photograph!
    Can I borrow your title?
    I can identify with this image ,as we are in the middle of a torrid heatwave in Milan and it finally rained torrentially tonight at 9.00pm;it was heaven.
    I did exactly the same as you,except on the balcony,and took some SPs!
    The rain is a beautiful blessing when needed!
    Thank you so much for visiting and making such nice comments,
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