In September 07 my fiancée and I bought a new fish tank (A Juwel Rio 240 ). Eight weeks later we completed the fishless cycle (though it felt like a lot longer) and we added 8 Peppered Corydoras to the tank. Timid at first the Corys soon realised they had full run of the ship and were playfully bombing around the tank like they owned the place. In November we added 4 Angelfish to the tank, much to the displeasure of the Corydoras. A few tense weeks with the Angels apparently bullying the Corys passed and the Corys returned to show who is boss and accepting no cheek from the Angels. Late December we introduced a Bristlenose Pleco by the name of Mickey (thanks to Lyndsay's Dad for the name).
During January we reluctantly returned the angel fish to the shop, they were too aggressive to the other inhabitants and we couldn't afford to separate them into a new tank. Later in January we added 6 Cherry barbs (later upgraded to 12 in early February) and a Hockey Stick Pencilfish (which we later learned should shoal in groups of no less than 6, however the Pencil seems to be doing fine and we ordered in 5 more to keep him company). In early Feb we added a Sail Fin Plec which is currently less than an inch in length but can theoretically grow to be 14" in length (length varies with book/website/etc). We are now happy that the second Plec, Bruce, is very definitely a bristlenose. Major tank rearrangement in progress with the removal of the internal filter after 4 weeks running the new external filter in parallel.
Update Feb 08:
Well the tank looks so much better without the internal filter. First attempt at the gravel terrace failed badly. A second attempt (reinforcing the edges with fishing line) worked well and the big box provided lots of room for the plants to root.
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