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Rescued Baby Squirrel (EXPLORE 8/24)

This photograph was taken by my Postmistress after I picked this little guy up out of a busy road last week. Not having a camera myself I quickly stopped in to the Post Office and asked Kelly to take a picture of him. I didn't know how I was going to get a copy to show you all, because she doesn't have internet, and was just going to make me a hard copy. But today when I went in, she presented me with a disc with this on it that her daughter had graciously uploaded for me. I was thrilled, and very grateful, need-less-to-say!



Yesterday I actually held a young squirrel in my hands and rescued it from certain "Smoosh" on busy Route 30. And although alot of you may not condone what I did I brought it home and put it in my "Critter Crate"

I was coming back from the store and there in the road was a very small squirrel laying right in the middle of my lane. It was not moving, but it's tail was sticking straight up so I backed up and touched it with my toe. It was still alive and breathing, but not moving, so yes, I picked it up, and drove home one handed, put it in my 20 gallon glass tank with soft blankets, water, some shelled seeds, and a heating pad under the tank. For over 7 hours, all it did was sleep, rousing only once in a while to move a little this way or that. I picked it up a couple of times and stroked and talked to it, even though I know squirrel bites and scratches can be very nasty. There was no blood and no apparent injuries, but obviously this was not an animal that was doing too well. While it slept I went on line and tried to find advice on what to do, hoping I would not go to JAIL for having a baby squirrel in my home. (Believe it or not, it is against the law in some states to have wild critters in your custody) Taking it to a Vet was out of the question, for reasons that is a whole story in itself. I decided to just let it be until morning to see what would happen.

8 hours after I had found "HIM" and he had slept almost continually, all of a sudden, he went bonkers, flying around the cage, trying to get out in every corner, hanging on the mesh top, flopping down, washing his little face with both hands, squeaking, and doing everything a normal little squirrel would do. Since it wasn't dark yet, I took him back to the area where I had found him, but farther into the woods away from the road and let him go. At first he wouldn't come out of the tank, and I had to dump him out, but he did then run off into the woods, hopefully finding his way back home. What was wrong with him? Who knows, but I feel I did the right thing by getting him out of dangers way, and would do it again in a second. It was a new and exciting experience.


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Taken on August 13, 2009