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Snow Leopard Mac OSX


- Background: NY Tilt Shift

- Geektool , for bar at the bottom

- Mirage, for clear dock

- TinkerTool, dock position

- Bowtie, Shufflesque 2 theme

- Custom minimal icons & 'Blend' icon pack installed through Candybar or/ and Img2icns


The one issue I have is not being able to change the iCal icon on the dock. Would be awesome to find the actual file/ script that displays the date.




Step 1: Opacity bar at the bottom of the desktop

To create the translucent bar at the bottom download and install Geektool


Open Geektool's preferences then drag a "shell" to the desktop. A default size box should appear with a properties window. Depending on the size of your desktop change the dimensions, in my case, to 1280 x 55 and then set the position 0 x 752. Still selected on the "shell" you can just change the background colour. I set mine solid black with an opacity of 55%.


Step 2: Clear Dock and position

To get the clear dock, download and install Mirage. Open up and check "Install Dock" and "Install Separator" then click install. Your Dock should reload 2D without a translucent grey background. Once that's done download and install TinkerTool. Open it up and navigate to the "Dock" window. There are various options you can play with here but what you want to change is the "Placement". Select "End position" then relaunch dock. That should be your dock sorted.


Step 3: iTunes player

Download and install Bowtie. Open up and browse themes until you find "Shufflesque 2", install and then position.


Step 4: Custom Icons and Blend pack

You can download the Blend icon sethere. All the custom icons were created in Photoshop and saved as .PNG. The quick way of changing your icons is to download Candybar, and begin dragging and dropping, but Candybar costs $29. I think there is a trial run you can do to get a few uses out of it. Or the alternative is to download Img2icns and manually converting the .PNG custom icon files to .ICNS files which you can then manually change each icon/ folder:


1. Select the volume, application, folder, or file whose icon you want to stamp onto another, just click the icon to select it.

2. From the File menu, choose Get Info or press Command-I to open the Info window.

3. Click the icon in the upper-left corner of the Info window to select it.

4. From the Edit menu, choose Copy or press Command-C.

5. Select the volume, application, folder, or file whose icon you want to replace.

6. From the File menu, choose Get Info or press Command-I.

7. Click the icon in the upper-left corner.

8. From the Edit menu, choose Paste or press Command-V to replace the icon.


THAT'S IT. You have something similar to the above. If not, don't hesitate to contact me, I may have just missed something.


For a cleaner desktop I now autohide my menubar. For tips on how to do this you can do this read lifehacker.com/5280456/hide-your-mac-menu-bar-and-dock-fo...

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Taken on May 30, 2011