Father and daughter

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    At the wailing wall, Jerusalem. One hopes their prayers are for the work of the Jewish organisation, IJAN, who have this to say about GAZA:

    We stand with the majority. We will not be silent on Gaza.

    As Jews, we have an additional responsibility to speak and to act against these despicable acts, because we are heirs to the victims of a genocide, because Israel is claiming to “defend” us through the ethnic cleansing of Palestine with the ultimate goal of erasing the Palestinian people, and also because of the role played by the Jewish organizations in the United States and the West in justifying, perpetrating, and escalating Israeli state terrorism against Palestinians.

    We recall that the violence in Gaza today is the inevitable outcome—the latest link in a chain of terror—that results from an ideology based on the dispossession of the indigenous people of Palestine in favor of European Jews. Just as the ideology of White racism was the backbone of Apartheid in South Africa, so the ideology of Zionism explains the history of violence in Palestine, the ethnic cleansing of 1948, the occupation of the West bank and Gaza in 1967, and the many massacres that Israel perpetrated periodically since 1948 to the present one in Gaza. The maintenance of the Israeli state as a state founded on and perpetuating Jewish privilege requires the denial and attempted annihilation of the Palestinian people.

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    1. Jockaye 90 months ago | reply

      Class. Great character in this photo.

    2. wmliu 90 months ago | reply

      great capture of the moment! but aren't women supposed to pray in the adjacent section?
      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    3. artnwine1 (AWAY) 90 months ago | reply

      Great capture!!!

    4. ewjz31 90 months ago | reply

      Terrific photo' Pete. I love the reflection; the contrasts in the two figures but most of all the greenery growing out of the wall.

    5. JOTAPE07 89 months ago | reply

      Is good, very good ¡

      Please add this beautiful photo to CITRIT,Best of yours!
      Citrit group

    6. LinBow 89 months ago | reply

      A very poignant moment ,well captured!
      I give you a FROM CITRIT,BEST OF YOURS
      Citrit, best of yours!</

      This photo deserves a big HEART,
      please post this beautiful picture at

      Heart Awards Group .

    7. Graniers 89 months ago | reply

      great composition, and I love your implied affectionate smile

    8. zirenna 85 months ago | reply

      una imagen sumanente expresiva, muy buena toma...

    9. georgedare569 10 months ago | reply

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      If you do e-mail me the picture it is understood that you have the authorized rights to do so and agree to that there would be no payment offered for me to use this. I will be happy to send you the YouTube video link when it is complete. Thank you for your consideration - George
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