2012 China Guqin Committee Yaji for NAGA Delegation中国琴会欢迎北美琴社雅集
【李祥霆教授赠诗给王菲】灵心巧手展霞光,妙笔冰弦渡远洋,问道多重涉百代,知音无数汇八方,思牵故国增文 采,人在加州向万邦,流水高山春不老,大千世界铸辉煌。
For My Guqin Student Wang Fei by Li Xiangting

With ardent heart and agile fingers,
She shines like the pure light of the morning dew.
With illustrious penmanship and melodious strings,
She crossed the ocean to experience a new world.

Her studies are deep and perceptive,
Encompassing generations of inquiry.
Her musical acquaintances are numerous,
From every corner of the earth.

Always remembering her homeland,
She commemorates its beauty in words.
Though living far away in California,
She reaches out to all nations.

Like flowing waters and high mountains,
Such skill is always fresh and never ages.
In the universal world of music and art,
She shall embroider and leave splendid marks.
Translated by David Lee
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