FeSTiVaL Dei MaTti
FeSTiVaL Dei MaTti (Festival of Fools) represents a crazy Carnival scene. There’s a mixture between old and modern times, tourists and Venetian people, humor and fantasy…

Casanova, the best lover from all the times, tries to impress the young girls with a gondola tour. Casanova appears already half-naked like a playboy, only with socks and funny underwear, because of his last adventure. But why is he so successful with women? Maybe the secret of Casanova is not the erotic nights, but the aphrodisiac cookies of his grandma!!

There´s a couple of tourists just arrived… or on the way back. The woman, almost without breath, carries a big suitcase up and down the bridges. She loves Venice!! The XXL suitcase explodes and she misses some clothes on the street… but maybe this will help her later to find the way back to the hotel, just following the signals like Hansel & Gretel. The husband, with a colorful Venice beach shirt and the wrong tourist guide on the hand, is focused on something else. He is taking pictures of a courtesan that is standing on a balcony and showing her charms to each gentleman which is walking down the street. A few centuries before, this was a real scene in some places near Rialto´s market. So, not everyone was selling fish!!

There are fireworks in the background, confetti, hungry cats and lazy pigeons. Pinocchio is playing the funambulist to get some visibility. But he still has some problems to find the balance with the long nose.

On the left corner, there’s a worker with long legs switching on the light and introducing the scene. In Venice you can find very often never ending ladders in the street that are used to put the Carnival and Christmas lights decoration or to repair the names of the streets.

On the right side, closing the picture, there´s an old Venetian woman that spends the time cooking and looking through the window… enjoying this daily life show!!
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