Nelsonville, Ohio

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    Caught the HVSR #4005 moving some passenger cars around. I caught it here running in reverse back to the shops.
    Hocking Valley Scenic Railroad

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    1. Quackademic 26 months ago | reply

      With electric traction motors, isn't it just academic which way is forward and reverse? In fact , if the circuitry and controls are so designed, they can also be used as electric brakes by reversing the polarity or something? [But I am not fluent in electrics!]
      This unit looks exactly like the pair of shunters we had at our steel mill years ago [except for the exhaust stacks which were larger and a bit tapered]!

    2. DRLOCO 26 months ago | reply

      Yes, it can work just the same forwards or backwards--electrically speaking...Which is why you will notice on every locomotive a tiny "F" on the end of the locomotive designated as "Front." This isn't just for fun, this is Federal law. Just so that the crews can designate "go ahead" or "Back up" and the engineer and conductor have an understanding as to which physical direction that actually is. SO, for this locomotive--you are looking at the "Front" of the engine...
      As far as making the motors into braking platforms we call that "Dynamic Braking" By using the rolling resistance of the train to spin the motors to create electricity. That electricity is fed into banks of metal cooling fins--think toaster wires to be dissapated into the atmosphere.

    3. Quackademic 26 months ago | reply

      Thanx. Therefore it would be logical to use them to recharge the batteries in a "Slug", eh?
      This locomotive is a General Electric built?

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