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Mission 13.3 - The Kessel Riots | by n7mereel
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Mission 13.3 - The Kessel Riots

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We had to make a difficult decision these days. Our major gave us a few day between the Missions to have enough time to think about it. Actually it was planned that we should take a V-Ving to damage the enemies starship at distance. Because of all these little asteroids it wasn´t possible to maneuver our starship close enough to bring us safely to the enemies starship. Now it was on our side what possiblity we choose. We could destroy the enemies ship at distance with the V-Wings or use a small transport ship to break into the enemies starship. We took the second variant.


Rookie out.


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First of all, sorry for the very late description. The delicious dinner prevented me from typing the story. :D


Mission 13.3 for the 457th Corps .

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Taken on August 31, 2012