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The Jedi Order - Chapter 1.4 - A great Help - The Droid | by n7mereel
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The Jedi Order - Chapter 1.4 - A great Help - The Droid

Chapter 1.4




So I went in the entrance of the house. I went further, further and further into the complex. I passed the a few storage rooms. I took a look into the storage rooms, but there was nothing what could be useful for the future. Then I passed the canteen, the bedrooms and some rooms with different uses. But suddenly, something was made me feel, that I´m not alone in this complex. It looked so leave, but my mind said, that something was just wrong in here. But I can´t define what is wrong here. So I went further into the complex, with a bad feeling inside of me.

Suddenly, after I went right, I came to a long doorway. A really long doorway. At the end of the doorway was a heavy security door. I looked after a way to pass the door. Wait. I heard voices. Loud and clearly. It seems to be voices of humans. Ok. I´m not alone here. They were talking about archeologistic stuff. It sounded quite boring, so I tried to find a way to pass the door. But I really had no idea...

A heavy security door between me and my rescue! Great crap!

What shall I do?

I let my eyes wander around the room. There was a control column. Maybe the door can be opened with this? Hmmm. Let´s search again. And then! And then I saw this droid. An old droid. He looked deactivated. Maybe his knowledge can be useful, to pass this heavy door? Maybe he can open the door with the control column? It´s really worth a try! He´d be a great help!

And now I can use my technical skills, which I learned in my years in the jedi temple.

Here a handle, there a handle. And must be alright...

Yes! It works!

I told him, that I reactivated him. He said that his memories are blurry. But he can remember, that they told something like he can be dangerous with all his knowledge.


He sure could help me, I thought.

Then I asked him if he could help me pass th door. He answered with yes of course. He also said that he want to talk to them about his shutdown.


I asked if he want to help me come out here. He said nothing. He just touched a few codes in the control column. The door opens slowly. He just said: "Let´s go, Master!"


I knew his answer about my question.


Some screams and quiet "Hellooo?" were to hear.

Then we stood in thedoor. Some frightened archeologistic workers in front of them.

But they looked friendly.

But my feelings, that I´m not alone here, was right.




Chapter 1.4 for The Jedi Order .


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