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discovered the Blythe patent documents

back from Dec.30.1971 and uploaded it in my website---> download them here


you can now learn all about one of the first Blythe's construction and ideas

behind the project and have a detailed view of the construction inside her head but

not that of the Kenner released doll nor the current doll but of possibly an earlier model(?)


I think these documents are possibly from a mixed state dated between that first made kenner blythe prototype head over at Yatabazah's site and the final shape we all came to know of later...the lips are different than the prototype so is the nose,the facial construction does resembles a Kenner but the eye mechanism is different than the kenner doll... maybe it's even a different company's blythe knock-off idea there no saying really...


Hopefully these would shed some light for the first and dark kenner blythe years as up until now there is very little information....this doll's designer is mysteriously stated to be Gordon A. Barlow when the first Blythe prototype was allegedly designed by Allison Katzman.

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Taken on October 8, 2009