DISNOVATE /Parsons Paris
AUGUST 28-30, 2014
Paris_Parsons Paris

"Disnovate" is a collaboration between Art Hack Day, Parsons Paris and Accès(s) festival. Between August 28-30, artists and hackers will inhabit Parsons Paris to create a flash exhibit on the theme "Disnovate”, in anticipation of the next Accès(s) festival in Pau.

Disruptive innovation is widely heralded as the driving force of progress, influencing all walks of life. Its vocabulary has seeped into domains as disparate as politics, education, or art. Computer culture is not immune: Hackathons have turned into rallies for smarter, cheaper and faster consumption. What role does the whimsical and useless play in this society? Can we evaluate creation without resorting to conceptions of value? What worldview is implied by the language of disruption; what does it clarify and what does it obscure? As artists we have an urge to break with the past and embrace novelty, ignoring the pioneers of our field. As hackers we reap the benefits of scientific breakthroughs, oblivious to its military-industrial foundation. Are we the apostles of a broader ideology of innovation?
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