DISNOVATION.ORG Solo Show @ Mapping
dedicated page: disnovation.org/2017_mapping.html

May 12–28, 2017 @ Le commun
in the frame of Mapping _ Digital Shifts
Curated by Ana Ascencio

Today’s vocabulary of innovation is the ultimate rhetorical tool. It inundates dominant discourse, spreading from the field of politics to the sectors of work, education and art. At the heart of this prevailing techno-positivist context, collective DISNOVATION.ORG [aka. disobedient innovation] offers a dissection of the ideology of technological innovation through a series of critical hacks.

This exhibition presents alternative narratives to the “propaganda of innovation” by exploring: a parallel history of technologies from the perspective of their failures (The Museum of Failures), the ghosts of military engineering and science fiction in everyday technologies (War Zone, Floating Prophecies), the standardization of Western technological imaginaries (Shanzhai Archeology), and an anthology on "piracy of necessity" (The Pirate Book).

The second part looks at the friction spaces generated between hyperconnected web users and the global network – including hacks such as: a system to predict and subvert emerging artistic trends (Predictive Art Bot), an exposure of live peer-to-peer video exchanges (The Pirate Cinema), or a printed directory containing millions of restricted addresses commonly used to filter Internet access worldwide (Blacklists).
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