Civil War Stereographs, 1861-1865
The collection of 731 Civil War stereographs from the New-York Historical Society's Department of Prints, Photographs, and Architectural Collections covers the entire period of the Civil War, from the first Battle of Bull Run through the surrender at Appomattox, and the triumphal parade of Union forces in Washington D.C. The images include compelling depictions of death on the battlefield and the destruction of cities, railroads and bridges. There are individual and group portraits of participants, along with images of soldiers relaxing in camps, drilling in the field, and preparing for attack in trenches and other fortifications. The collection also includes images of African Americans fleeing slavery by crossing the Union lines, as well as African Americans on southern plantations and serving in the Army and the Navy. Among the photographers represented in the collection are Mathew Brady and his former employees Alexander Gardner, James Gibson, and Timothy O'Sullivan, as well as George N. Barnard, who took photographs in Virginia and the Carolinas, Sam A. Cooley, who was the 'Official Photographer' for the 10th Army Corps, and local photographers from Richmond, Gettysburg, and other locations.
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