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Live Life Well...

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and of course, with no worries.

...by nonofarahshila | nonocaptures

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Modeled by: Elly

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  1. [y.i.a.n].onhiatus. 57 months ago | reply

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful photo!
    Seen in the the group
    *That's My Photo !*

    Love the vintage feel here!

  2. thedeadgeneral 57 months ago | reply

    great .. mood .. tone .. niceeee lah ~

  3. F a w w a z 57 months ago | reply

    tone dia best gileeeeeeee..

  4. HafizShah 57 months ago | reply

    love the tone and compostion i can feel the mood.......rugi tak join nih.

  5. Nono Fara 57 months ago | reply

    jujurnya saya tak pandai pakai photoshop. semua pic dalam photostream sy, sy guna photoscape je :) urm yang nie saya gi decolor my pic and bagi effect cinema + provia. and increase contrast sikit.. photoscape tak sehebat ps.. ;)

    takpe.. sy pun last minute bagi tau.. next time la yea. :)

    To the rest, I'd like to thank you(s) for the compliments ;) glad to know you guys like it..

  6. Chot Touch 57 months ago | reply

    fuh...editing kaler dah mcm mat salleh....

  7. huda mamat 57 months ago | reply

    perghh..tone dia sangat lah hebat !!

  8. afiskandar 57 months ago | reply

    setuju ngn yg lain2, tone memang cun!

  9. Hafiz Azman 57 months ago | reply

    tone yg terbaik.... =)

  10. apaapaje 57 months ago | reply

    sis...again i like this one...
    i love ur treatment..u really got ur own style..

  11. Nono Fara 57 months ago | reply

    Thanks yea! :)

    oh i am a lil bit flattered with your compliments. thanks tau! ;) yes, all i want is to nak various-kan my arts. and i want something yang suits with nonocaptures once again terima kasih :)

  12. aFnanOmar 57 months ago | reply

    cantek je edit :)

  13. rasmadimeng 57 months ago | reply

    coolio sentimental ^^

  14. mks_ 56 months ago | reply

    this is awesome.........

  15. photobynaked 52 months ago | reply

    the tone/color!!!! i love it!!

  16. Nono Fara 51 months ago | reply

    ma kasih ya semua.. :)

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