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Buzzard Roost | by Adventures of KM&G-Morris
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Buzzard Roost

The quest was to find the sandhill cranes but what I saw on the way home was far better. I've found where the buzzards roost at night and what a sight it was! They were flying in for the night and adorning the communications tower with an overflow into a very nice neighborhood. Rooftops were decorated with black buzzards!


Photos are not up to the reality of what I saw! I had to shoot from quite a distance since they were in a gated community and far back on posted property. It was an awesome sight. Personally, if they adorned my rooftop every evening, I'd clean the roof, sell the house and move to the other side of town.


Interesting facts: Black Vultures/Buzzards are a bit smaller and less colorful that the Turkey Vulture. They tend to follow the Turkey Vulture because it has a keener sense of smell and can find it's meal through use of that sense. They eat dead animals and occasionally capture small live animals (field mice, etc.). Although they do not build a nest, they will take an abandoned nest. Often roost together as seen in this set of photos. If startled while roosting, they will regurgitate with power and accuracy.

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Taken on December 27, 2008