North Korea DPRK
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First trip: april 2008=
I stayed two weeks in North Korea in april 2008.
The pictures you will see are not stolen ones, it's just what i've seen during my trip and what the governement wants or allows to show to tourists.
When you're in North Korea, you have always with you two guides, everywhere you go, and you do not choose what you visit, you have to follow a very strict program.
I try to give you facts and stories...and this not an easy task!

Second trip: september 2008
I was there for the 60th anniversary of the regim. At this time, rumors about Kim Jong Il said he was very ill. He didn't appear during the celebrations. The officials told us that 'he was too busy to come';..

3rd trip:
from may 15 to 24, 2009
Just before the second nuclear test bomb.

4th trip: may 2010
5th: september 2010
6th: september 2012

march 2013: i 'm banned by North Korea!

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