Mursi tribe Woman Reading Vogue Magazine - Omo Valley Ethiopia

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    Mursi have a lot of imagination to decorate themselves! They loved the magazine, but i think my driver loved it much more!
    The Mursi (also called Murzu tribe) is the most popular tribe in the southwestern Ethiopia's lower Omo Valley, 100 km north of the Kenyan border. They are estimated to 10 000 people and live in the Mago National Park. Due to the climate, they move twice a year between the winter and summer months. They herd cattle and grow crops along the banks of the Omo River.

    The Mursi are sedentary rather than nomadic. Their language belongs to the Nilo-Saharan linguistic family.Very few Mursi people speak Amharic, the official Ethiopian language. Although a small percentage of the Mursi tribe are Christians, most still practice Animism, believing that plants, animals and some inanimate objects possess spirits.

    Mursi women wear giant lip plate, a sign of beauty, like in Surma one, and also a prime attraction for tourists which help to sustain a view of them, in guidebooks and travel articles, as an ‘untouched’ people, living in one of the last ‘wildernesses’ of Africa. When they are ready to marry, teenagers start to make a hole in the lip with a wood stick.
    It will be kept for one night, and is removed to put a bigger one. This is very painful at this time... Few months after, the lip plate has its full size, and the girl is seen as beautiful by the men. The lip plate is made of wood or terracotta. They have to remove the lower incisors to let some space for the disc.
    Sometimes the lip is broken by the pressure of the lip plate. This is a big problem for the girl because men will consider her as ugly, she won't be able to marry anyone in the tribe apart the old men or the sick people...Women and men are shaved because they hate hairiness. Both like to make scarifications on their bodies. Women as a beauty sign, men after killing animals or ennemies as competition for agricultural and grazing land has led to inter-group-conflicts.

    The Mursi have a reputation for being aggressive and are famous for their stick fighting ceremony called “donga”, fought by the men. The winner of the “donga” will be able to select the girl of his choice to have relations with, even though she may marry someone else. Similar to the Hamer tribe, the Mursi tribe commonly drink a mixture of blood and milk.

    Over the past few decades they and their neighbours have faced growing threats to their livelihoods cause the Ethiopian government officials have been actively evicting Mursi people from the Omo National Park, their traditional lands, without any compensation. Drought has made it difficult for many families to feed themselves by means of their traditional mix of subsistence activities. The establishment of hunting concessions has added to the pressure on scarce ressources.

    © Eric Lafforgue

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    1. Kevin Carroll 55 months ago | reply

      that's brilliant. differing notions of beauty.

    2. >> Anne 55 months ago | reply

      c'est un montage ?!!!!!

    3. Eric Lafforgue 55 months ago | reply

      non! les mursis sont curieux de tout ce qui traine dans nos voitures!

    4. >> Anne 55 months ago | reply

      Eric Lafforgue donc tu lis "vogue" ! merci de ta réponse.
      Je ne mets pas souvent de commentaires mais tes images sont vraiment belles !

    5. Oxiourus with slow internet 55 months ago | reply

      Wow Eric, not only it is an amazing photo, but the reading is totally fascinating! Thank you!

    6. Chris Arts 55 months ago | reply

      I'm speechless!

    7. © In 2 Making Images | °L.A. 55 months ago | reply

      this image speaks more than a thousand words!

    8. perfectdayjosep 55 months ago | reply

      Interesting contrast between worlds!!!

    9. Robert Lio 55 months ago | reply

      As always great work.

    10. Alejandro Castro de la Iglesia 55 months ago | reply

      Spellbinding and ravishing!

    11. This Wild Ride 55 months ago | reply

      Thank you, once again, for a beautiful/unexpected image and insightful/helpful commentary.

    12. The Lady of Shalot 55 months ago | reply

      She does not need Vogues, she's perfect in her beauty!

    13. Perfekta Fleck 37 months ago | reply

      Fantastic shot! And thanks for the little intro as well!

    14. GEO M I 7 months ago | reply

      don't introduce them to be like us. they are good as they are - if you give them western magazines to look at they will not be content with their lives any longer and you will ruin them...there is no place for them in our world. they would not be happy. it would hurt them to try to be like us and it would destroy their culture

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