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Poverty in Chongjin - North Korea

Chongjin is the third town of North Korea. It is an industrial place where very few foreigners were allowed to go. I was one of the "lucky" ones. Once in the place, it was impossible to take any pictures, as the guides asked me to put my camera in a bag, when they did not take it with them! But from my hotel room, in the center of the town, i could see hundreds of people gioing to work in the early morning, carrying packs of heavy stones to rebuild the roads. The hunger in the 90's made hundred thousands deads in the area. The city is really dull and poor, i better understood why North korean officials did not allow me to take any pictures. But why they let me come in Chongjin, apart to see the Kim Il Sung statue, and a kids show made by the Kindergarden of a factory, i still do not understand!

I recommend the last book of Barbara Demick 'Nothing to Envy", if you want to know more about Chongjin and North Korea.


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Taken on May 9, 2010