Can't wait for the Kim Jong Il speech! North Korea

Television in North Korea.

As far as i have understood, there are 2 TV channels in North Korea: one with lots of archives where you can see Kim IL Sung with presidents from last century. The other one broadcats songs, shows, military events, old propaganda movies, all dedicated to the glory of North Korea.

It is forbidden to have a stellite dish to get the foreign channels, but during my last trip, i saw in 2 shops some Tv broadcasting some sat chinese tv (kids cartoons)..

The TV is available few hours each day, from 7 to midnight when i watched it.

In the big international hotels of Pyongyang (2 hotels), you can also see BBC World.

It seems some advertisings have been broadcasting for few days too, but the director has been fired!


© Eric Lafforgue

  • Jiwei Han 4y

    Sames the China's TV test card except the nation emblem. ha.
  • Eric Lafforgue 4y

    enven i France, we have the same, but no Cholima!
  • ~shrewd~ 4y

    The test card in Germany is gone. There's none anymore since 1997.

    In the online version of the German Magazin "Der Spiegel" you can find an article about test cards from all over the world. As a user one can submit his too.

    The caption of the article - "Desire for the send pause"
    Seen in my contacts' photos. (?)
  • Eric Lafforgue 4y

    i think we do not have in France too, but not sure, i do not watch tv at 4 in the morning!
    it's in german, i do not understand Spiegel!
  • Bahari Adoyo 4y

    It's amazing that you got an image of the test card! It's used to test the video signal on a screen... color, sharpness, phase, etc. Every country used or uses a different one. We hardly ever see them now because broadcast equipment is much better than years ago. It's rare that they still send them over a TV that the home viewer would see. I guess every thing is a little different in North Korea!
  • ~shrewd~ 4y

    Eric Lafforgue sometime Auntie Google my help :-)

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)
  • Bahari Adoyo 4y

    ~shrewd~ Your "Auntie Google" is a great friend of mine!
  • Bahari Adoyo 4y

    BTW DPRK uses PAL... I would have thought they would use SECAM like many of the former Eastern Bloc nations. I am guessing they use PAL because China does.

    Most nations now are switching to digital though.
  • Remik Sieminski 4y

    i remember the time in poland before 90s. we had quite the same. 2 channels and test card for half of the day or night. it's more precise. fortunately the content wasn't maybe so sad and finally the country turned into quite normal. maybe it's time for burma now and hope north korea will be next. i really hope.
  • doitsunosensei 4y

    Guess it's awesome if you see HIM speaking!! ;-))
  • oriana.italy 4y

    le meme une fois dans tous les pays communistes filo russes.....
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