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For me there is something not quite right, just or compassionate displayed by this image. The ant on top of the dead body of the dragonfly seems almost triumphant in his victory.


For me the temptation was to rescue the dragonfly, even though it was dead, life was gone, and what lied before me was just a body and ants were doing what ants do - clean the environment.


Compassion can sometimes be misplaced. Compassion and sympathy are linked together. too much of either will led to rescuing people or in this case a dead body.


Too much compassion and sympathy causes one to give a man a fish, rather than teaching him how to fish. There is a time for both, though only one will last a lifetime.


This caused me to reflect on the Cross of Christ. What if God the Father showed compassion and sympathy on His Son, Jesus Christ., and rescued Him from the cross. Where would mankind be.


Back to me - I walked away after documenting the scene, with tinges of guilt about not rescuing the dragonfly. What of the ants, they completed their mission.

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Taken on January 31, 2012