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Trance and Serpent Power- Moses Lifted the "Serpent of Wisdom" | by TRANCE  GATE
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Trance and Serpent Power- Moses Lifted the "Serpent of Wisdom"

Trance and Serpent Power: Moses Lifted from the ground (muladhara) the "Serpent of Wisdom"(Kundalini)

Transa si puterea sarpelui: Moise a ridicat " de pe pamant(muladhara) "Sarpele Intelepciunii""(Kundalini) in starea de aliniere(transa este indicata de sarpele inghetat , transformat in baston), care permite trecerea camilei prin urechile acului si in care "trinitatea devine UNU"(suprapunerea celor trei cercuri la conjunctie sau aliniere; disparitie multiplicitate;intrarea in functionare holografica)

Kundalini is often experienced as a snake or serpent.

God told Moses to throw his walking stick to the ground and it turned into a serpent.

Then Moses answered and said, "What if they will not believe me? . . . For they may say, 'The Lord has not appeared to you.'" and the Lord said to him, "What is that in your hand?" And he said, "A staff." Then He said, "Throw it on the ground." So he threw it on the ground and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from it. But the Lord said to Moses, "Stretch out your hand and grasp it by its tail." So he stretched out his hand and caught it, and it became a staff in his hand--"That they may believe that the Lord the God of their fathers, has appeared to you."[Exodus 4:1-17] "Now the LORD spoke to Moses and Aaron, saying, 9 “When Pharaoh speaks to you, saying, ‘Work a miracle,’ then you shall say to Aaron, ‘Take your staff and throw it down before Pharaoh, that it may become a serpent."[Exodus 7:8-9]

All these facts are so many instances which prove the truth of the proverb, that if two do the same thing it will not be regarded as the same thing: and thus the miracle of our own religion is mere magic and witchcraft in other religions.

Miracle is anything contra-natural that is legitimate; and witchcraft is the same thing, but illegitimate; the former is supposed to be done with the help of God, the latter with the help of Satan; the former is boasted of as the highest glory of the Church, the latter is denounced as the greatest abomination possible.

Egyptian Cobra naja haje (or haja) can be made motionless by applying pressure just below its head,(as cited in Walter Gibson, Secrets of Magic; "Case Studies"). In their commentary on the Old Testament, Jamieson, Fausset and Brown comment on the incident between Moses and Aaron and the Egyptian magicians:"The magicians of Egypt in modern times have long been celebrated adepts in charming serpents; and particularly by pressing the nape of the neck they throw them into a kind of catalepsy, which renders them stiff and immoveable, thus seeming to change them into a rod.

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Taken on May 4, 2009