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The Matrix Revolutions and Revelations | by TRANCE  GATE
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The Matrix Revolutions and Revelations

Siddhis-Is the Force real?

3- the sun inside (the awakened energetical heart) ~ full transcendence : the true Force, the way of “Avatara” and “prophets” - Jesus, yogi Babaji Maharaj, Simon Kimbangu, Simao Toko, Sathya Sai Baba, Swami Premananda, etc..


All these 4 potentials can be developed with specific practices


for the 0 : NLP, selfhypnosis, rebirthing, mental focusing, etc.

for the 1st : Raja Yoga, shamanism, parapsychology, etc.. all structured methods dealing with the focusing of the energy into the psychic center of the head

for the 2nd : Qi gong, tibetan Tumo, Taoist practices, etc.

for the 3rd : solar meditation ~ the prayer with the energetical core of our heart, the secret of divine Enlightenment. Bhakti, in one sense, is the genuine but pale reminiscence of the unmemorable sadhana.


This may sound far away from what is now commonly admitted as enlightenment. And enlightenment is for individual only and never taken as a group, otherwise it leads to a connection with specific Egregors with hidden induced vampirism, whether good or bad ; so be careful ~ see holy spirit, Reborn christians, etc.


Why this information is not so easily available in the market ? Perhaps because most “Gurus” have no idea about it !!… and are not so sincere to recognize their lack of achievement before taking students ; and most of the time we, students, are only in need of easy consumption even in spirituality.


Remember Jesus and what Neo says in the Matrix : “It can be done” ;-) ~ and they don't ask us anything but to believe in ourselves.


By the way, see the localization of the awakened energetical heart in Neo, radiating , glowing in a pure golden shining sun emerging from his own chest at the end of the 3rd part - Revolutions :It penetrates and goes beyond all the dimensions of the Matrix and unveils Maya.

Wachowski brothers really got it, yeh !


The Matrix Revolutions is the third and last film in the The Matrix trilogy. The film, a combination of philosophy and action like its predecessors, sought to conclude the questions raised in the preceding film, The Matrix Reloaded. The film was written and directed by the Wachowski brothers. It was released simultaneously in sixty countries on November 5, 2003. Despite being the final film, the Matrix storyline was continued in The Matrix Online.

It was the first live-action film to be released simultaneously in regular and IMAX theaters. The Wachowski brothers were present in Tokyo at the opening of the movie, as were stars Keanu Reeves and Jada Pinkett Smith.


Plot-The film's events immediately follow those of The Matrix Reloaded and assume familiarity with the story of the last two films.

Neo finds himself trapped in an illicit gateway between the Machine mainframe and the Matrix. The gateway is controlled by the Merovingian.Bane and Neo are both in an unconscious state. The former is said to be merely asleep, whereas Neo's neural patterns are identical to those of people who are jacked in to the Matrix. Morpheus, dispirited after the destruction of the Nebuchadnezzar and discovering the true nature of the Prophecy at the end of the last film, starts a search for Neo within the Matrix despite his not being jacked in. Neo is in fact trapped in a limbo: a subway station named "Mobil Avenue" that is a transition zone between the Matrix and the Source (the Machine mainframe). At this station, Neo meets a 'family' of programs, who tell him that Mobil Avenue is controlled by a program called The Trainman who, in turn, is an exile loyal only to The Merovingian.

Seraph contacts Morpheus on behalf of the Oracle, who now resides in a different "shell" (see Cast, above). The Oracle informs Morpheus and Trinity of Neo being trapped in Mobil Avenue. Seraph, Morpheus and Trinity pursue the Trainman to secure Neo's release, but he escapes. The trio enter Club Hel to confront the Merovingian for Neo's freedom. The Merovingian demands "the eyes of the Oracle" in exchange for Neo's release, and Trinity responds by provoking a Mexican standoff, forcing the Merovingian to release Neo at gun point.

Troubled by new visions of the Machine City, Neo decides to visit the Oracle before returning to the real world. She informs him that, as the One, he has a connection with the Source (the Machine mainframe). The Matrix, and the rest of the Machine world, are derived from the Source as well. Thus we learn that all of Neo's abilities - both in and out of the Matrix - exist because of this connection (although the exact nature of this connection is never explained). This is how Neo was able to stop the machines giving pursuit after the Nebuchadnezzar was destroyed in The Matrix Reloaded, although the end result of his lack of preparation was temporary confinement in Mobil Avenue. She characterizes Agent Smith (who is also growing in power) as his exact "opposite", his "negative" and elaborates on the relationship between herself and the Architect (Tellingly, each of them ejects an exasperated "Please!" when Neo asks them about the other). She also tells Neo cryptically that "everything that has a beginning has an end" and warns that Smith's power threatens not only the Matrix but also the Source and eventually the Machine City. The Oracle states that the war is about to end "one way or another".

After Neo takes leave of the Oracle, an army of Smiths arrive at her home. They successfully assimilate the unresisting Oracle. Having gained her powers of precognition, the new Smith cackles maniacally at whatever future he is seeing.

In the real world, the remaining crew of the Nebuchadnezzar and the Mjolnir (referred to by the characters as "the Hammer") encounter Niobe's ship, the Logos and its crew. They successfully reactivate the deactivated ship and begin to interrogate the now awakened Bane, who claims he has no memory of the events of the earlier battle. After contemplating his visions, Neo announces that he needs a ship to travel to the Machine City, although he cannot explain why at the moment. Roland, the Mjolnir's captain, refuses him, but Niobe - who was told by the Oracle that she would have to make a choice to help Neo or not - lets him take the Logos. Trinity decides to accompany Neo. The two remaining crews plan to return to Zion and avoid the Sentinel army by piloting the Mjolnir through a series of service tunnels through which it is nearly impossible to navigate. Shortly after departing, the Mjolnir's crew discover that Bane has murdered a crewmember and has hidden aboard the Logos, but they are unable to return to warn Trinity and Neo. Before the ship can depart, Bane ambushes Trinity and takes her hostage. Neo fights with Bane, who reveals himself as a manifestation of Agent Smith. During the struggle, Bane/Smith blinds Neo by cauterizing his eyes with a severed electric cable. As Bane/Smith appears to have the upper hand he closes in on Neo - only to have his attack thwarted and reversed. Neo can see Smith, the program, in Bane as a fiery form in spite of his blindness. Neo then smashes Bane/Smith's head with a lead pipe and releases Trinity, who pilots them towards the Machine City (presumably 01 described in The Second Renaissance).

Zion is overwhelmed by a Machine invasion that is a quarter million strong. Their only hope is using the EMP onboard the homeward bound Mjolnir ship, which is under heavy attack from a vast platoon of sentinels.In Zion, the defenders deploy infantry armed with rocket launchers and Armored Personnel Units in order to protect the dock from assault. The dock is invaded by a massive horde of Sentinels, as well as two giant drilling machines, igniting The Battle of Zion. APU's fail and the humans are pushed back into the temple. Captain Mifune fails to get the gate open, with his last breath he tells Kid (who was renewing his ammunition supply at the time) to open the gate for the Mjolnir. Meanwhile, as the Hammer speeds toward Zion it is pursued by a large number of sentinels. Just as the remaining humans are about to be overwhelmed, the Hammer arrives at Zion and breaks through the gates, setting off an EMP and disabling all electronic equipment in the area. While this finishes off the Sentinels, it also disables the remainder of Zion's defenses. The humans are forced to fall back to the temple entrance and wait for the next swarm that will almost certainly kill them all.

Nearing the Machine City, Neo and Trinity are attacked by the city's defense system, hurling massive numbers of mobile bombs and Sentinels at the Logos. Neo uses his powers to destroy the incoming bombs, but the Sentinels are too numerous. To evade them, Trinity flies the ship above the permanent electrical storm/cloud cover, disabling the Sentinels but also the Logos' engines. After a brief glimpse of sunlight, the ship plunges into a spire of the Machine City. The impact of the collision fatally wounds Trinity, and she dies in Neo's arms.

Neo emerges into the Machine City to strike a bargain with the machines, personified by the Deus Ex Machina. Neo warns the machines that Smith (who has by now assimilated almost all of The Matrix) is beyond the machines' control, and will soon assault the Source to which the Matrix is connected. He offers to help stop Smith in exchange for a ceasefire on Zion. The second wave of Sentinels attacking Zion instantly responds by standing down while the Machines provide a connection for Neo to enter the Matrix and confront Smith. The world is now wholly populated by Smiths - the one with the Oracle's powers steps forth, asserting that he has already foreseen his own victory.

Smith delivers a triumphant death blow to his adversary.The city's population of Smiths stands by and watches while Neo and Smith square off. Fighting on the streets, through buildings and into the sky, they finally brawl in a flooded crater. Neo ultimately relents as Smith sees the details of his victory unfolding. Although initially confused and scared, Smith assimilates Neo, whose final words are a play on Smith's refrain from their fights in The Matrix and The Matrix Reloaded: "It was inevitable." This is apparently successful, the new Smith nodding confidently. Smith has now connected to Neo, who is connected to the Source. In the real world, Neo's body suddenly spasms and stiffens as we see a surge of energy pass into him from his physical connections (presumably enacting the agreement Neo made with the Deus Ex Machina to destroy Smith). The new Smith's body begins to crack, bright light shining through. This soon passes through to the other Smiths, which begin to explode in a similar fashion to the way Smith did in the finale of The Matrix.

With the Smiths destroyed, all the programs and humans that have been possessed by Smith return to normal, including the Oracle. The Sentinels that were about to attack the humans withdraw from Zion; the human resistance cheers in victory, while Link and Zee share a moment of intimate happiness together. Neo, having sacrificed himself to save both the Machines and humans, is unplugged from the Matrix and his body is respectfully carried away by the Machines.

The Architect appears and tells the Oracle that she "played a very dangerous game" by attempting to change the way in which the Matrix functioned, to which the Oracle responds, saying that she understood the risk and knew it was worth taking. She asks the Architect what will become of any humans who want to be unplugged from the Matrix, and the Architect replies that "they will be freed". The closing shot of the film depicts a new dawn on the world of the Matrix, created by Sati. Plant life is shown in the Matrix, and for the first (and last) time the ever-present green tint is absent.

According to the game The Matrix Online, Neo's body, along with Trinity's, although not recycled, were never returned from machine city, a plot point of the game that has yet to be resolved.

The films were received in high praise of its conceptual complexity by some scholars and philosophers, as seen in the video The Roots of the Matrix. Philosopher Ken Wilber stated that The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions had expanded on the "simple dualism" of the first film - The Matrix - thus transforming the trilogy into a piece of "complex literature" with the second two installments of the trilogy.


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