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The Morgan was built in just eight months in 1841, at a cost of just under $27,000. But today, she’ll take three years and approximately $5 million to restore. Wooden ships require constant maintenance and renewal. The Charles W. Morgan has undergone two major restoration efforts in her 80+ years as a museum ship. It is now time for another. This third phase will renew areas of the vessel from approximately the waterline down to below the turn of her bilge, including parts that haven’t been seen since she was built. Mystic Seaport is uniquely positioned to accomplish a museum-quality restoration while maintaining access to the ship and the restoration process. Our Henry B. duPont Preservation Shipyard—is dedicated exclusively to the restoration of historic vessels and boasts state-of-the-art lift equipment, a full range of new and historic tools and a staff of shipwrights with years of experience building and rebuilding wooden ships. Framing and other structural elements will require over 50,000 board feet of white and live oak, along with thousands of board feet of other woods. Historically valued for shipbuilding because of its strength and durability, live oak grows only in the southern US and is protected throughout most its range. Much of this precious wood will come from the storm-ravaged Mississippi Gulf Coast, where over 300 tons were salvaged after Hurricane Katrina. These trees will make an important contribution not only to the rebuilding of the Morgan, but to building public interest in the process, illustrating an uplifting story of restoration and renewal.