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It's my BaaaAAaaaaRTHHDAY!!

Reckon this heavily laden lovely is singing me Happy Birthday!!


.....either that, or she’s screaming for mercy from the wellie wearing sheepshagger taking après-lovemakin’ photos of her!?! They’re normally more grateful than that though, ..honest, it was cold, what can a man do?!?


I gained a year this year, so today is not such a ball ache as it could have been...for some reason i’ve been telling everyone i’m 33 all year...bonus! 33 again!!


Anycheese, it’s also my first anniversary of photography, thanks entirely to the best pressie from my family last year. Been on flickr for most of that time too (give or take a few prolonged absences due to hissy fits). 148 public shots, 71 on explore (not that that means anything these days), over 20,000 stream views and 60,000 views on the individual photo’s. I’m sure that isn’t a lot to some, but kind of blows me away anyway. It’s been a wicked year, photography has given me an excuse to get some serious fresh air, an opportunity to get my butt out, to get to know myself better and explore a creative part of myself that has traditionally been spent trying ingenious ways to catch and shag a sheep.


Thanks to one and all for making it fun, for you support and especially the banter! Here’s to more adventures in year 2!



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Taken on December 11, 2007