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    look at what finally came in the mail.
    Live Through This: On Creativity and Self-Destruction edited by: Sabrina Chapadjiev
    when you live in an apartment complex, amazon prime shipping.
    is like.
    two days means four days.
    today i have a job interview.

    for a job i'm not really qualified for.
    ie. i'm not certified to teach.
    what is all of this bull-shit.
    needing multiple certifications to work with kids.
    and i'm turning in another job application.

    what happened to that old theory that being a summer camp counselor qualified you for LIFE?

    makes me feel low.
    makes me want to go back to school.

    autobiographical drawings.
    prescribed amphetamine stimulants that decrease my anxiety, raise my heart rate a little bit & help me focus a lot.
    Crumb the documentary.
    Comic book creeps.
    facebook stalking.

    1. Dawn Ashley 82 months ago | reply

      that sounds fascinating!

    2. mutedheartbeats 82 months ago | reply


      what workbooks did you get?

    3. myguerrilla 82 months ago | reply

      I got a DBT workbook.

    4. caponcapon2003 82 months ago | reply

      Hey there,

      A friend found your photo on-line and sent it to me! What a great photo! I hope the book matched up, somewhat, to your expectation. . .if so, perhaps you'll let me use your photo on the book's myspace- or posting it as a comment? I'd love to share it with all the contributors. Our myspace is

      Let me know- you can reach me at

      Thanks for the incredible photo. It made me really happy.

      take care,
      (editor of "Live Through This")

    5. myguerrilla 81 months ago | reply

      i know, i get a google-alert about that yesterday.
      my photo is also on their myspace.

    6. mutedheartbeats 81 months ago | reply

      that is wonderful. it made me really excited. ♥

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