2020 Python Challenge
Florida Python Challenge™ 2020

Python Bowl Awards Ceremony

The competition ran Jan. 10-19, 2020 and supports the delicate Greater Everglades Ecosystem.

Thanks to our sponsors: Bass Pro Shops, The Bergeron Everglades Museum and Wildlife Foundation, and All American Gator Products

Florida Python Challenge™ 2020 Python Bowl Kickoff Event

The event included:
•Sponsor Bass Pro Shops on site with one of two grand prize 570 Tracker Off Road ATVs.

•State experts on nonnative fish and wildlife available for media interviews.
•Live Burmese pythons and a live catching demonstration
•Pre-registered members of the public take part in a training to gain first-hand experience capturing a wild Burmese Python.
•A limited number of field bags free to participants registered for the Python Bowl who are present at the event.

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