Snake ID
Florida is home to more than 44 native snake species, and only six are venomous. Venomous snakes are often confused with their non-venomous cousins. There are reasons to love our slithery friends - most Florida snakes are harmless and beneficial. Part of their job is removing extra rodent populations. Even the venomous species are not particularly dangerous unless stepped on or otherwise provoked.

Of course there are OTHER, nonnative snakes loose in our Florida ecosystem. These can consist of pets let loose by accident or on purpose, stow-away snakes that ssssnuck over on barges and made it to land etc.The last example, of course is few and far between. :)

Florida's six venomous snakes: eastern coral snake
southern copperhead
eastern diamondback rattlesnake
timber rattlesnake
dusky pygmy rattlesnake.

Storms and Snakes
Snakes may be observed more frequently in areas with flooding. As with all wildlife, treat them with respect, keep them at a distance and give them space.

Mis-snake-n Identity
Did you know that Florida has eight species of native water snakes, like this banded water snake? Unless you are a frog or a shrew, these slender reptiles pose no threat, but they’re sometimes confused for venomous cottonmouths.
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