Weasels, Minks and Otters
Florida is home to 3 mustelid species, the long-tailed weasel, the American mink, and the river otter, all of which have a similar brown coloration and body shape. One quick way to help you determine which species you’ve seen is size. Long-tailed weasels are the smallest of the three mustelids. Mink are slightly larger than a weasel and slightly smaller than a cat. The river otter is the largest of these three species and is more than twice as large as a mink.
FWC biologists want to know more about weasels and mink in Florida, and they’re asking the public to help them gather information. Both species appear to be quite rare in Florida, and their secretive nature makes them very difficult to study. Because of these challenges, biologists know little about their distribution and abundance in the state. Long-tailed weasels are typically found in a wide variety of habitats like forests and prairies but are usually found in close proximity to water bodies. Mink are semi-aquatic animals common in salt marshes and freshwater marshes. If you see a weasel or mink in Florida, please share your sighting in the FWC’s online reporting system: bit.ly/3fMKNxV.
If you have questions about the reporting system or general inquiries about weasel and mink or associated research, please contact an FWC wildlife biologist at weasels@MyFWC.com.
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