Part I: Sept. US Economic Crisis
Part I of study (Link to Part II: October US Economic Crisis) and Link to Part III of all of the leading online news sites for the front page presentation of the economic meltdown beginning September 29 from 5 - 6 pm mountain time for the daily news sites with 24/7 news with a review later in the evening on the same day.

Part I's study looks at the beginning of the tremors of the crash at the end of September when Congress didn't pass $700 billion bailout on 9/29, then the Dow had its Worst Single Point Loss Ever falling 777 points. This is the first time more than a trillion dollars have been lost in a single day. Stocks worldwide sink the most since 1997 and the S&P 500 falls most since 1987. 2/3 of Americans have stock in retirement plans.

9/29 is called The Blackest Monday. The Worst Financial Crisis we've ever faced, say multiple leaders. In the morning on 9/30, the online media is hopeful and optimistic. Market goes up on hopes of new plan for bailout. International markets sink after 9/29's US fall of 777 points on the Dow.

I'll stay on top of the media in my studies of this story blogging along with the Flickr study starting with Bigge$t Cri$i$ and The Media.

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