Cookbook Cocktail Theme

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    1. JamFactory 95 months ago | reply

      Beautiful app!!!

    2. dalmet [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

      This wood interface is one of the ugliest skins I've ever seen. Stick to the HIG please.

    3. Patrick Yan 95 months ago | reply

      Yeah, I'll admit its very glossy and has lots of eye-candy.

      But it's not usable at all.

      I've got 2 suggestions

      1. Make it an aqua app that looks good and complies to the HIG.


      2. Tone down the saturation with darker wood & try to use a more realistic pattern. Right now it looks like you're just motion blurring...

    4. JesperA 95 months ago | reply

      Keep this wood interface, or if you decide to get in another direction please let us be able to choose different skins (maybe make our own) because i really want this skin in the final app.

    5. Dieter von Schramm 95 months ago | reply

      The wood interface does not look good. It makes it feel like a Windows app. Stick to the HIG.

    6. lansingit [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

      Why stick to the HIG? Even Apple has stopped that. Cant wait for this app I hope to use it as a meal planning tool. I agree I hate the wood look, but its just a skin.

    7. ajmas 95 months ago | reply

      From what I hear Apple is going to be doing a job unifying the look in 10.5. Please allow there to be an option to use the standard system look, as provided by the system.

    8. 95 months ago | reply

      Very Good App

    9. davebarnes37 94 months ago | reply

      I agree with Dalmet. "This wood interface is one of the ugliest skins I've ever seen."

      I need a recipe application. I have held off buying anything as I have been waiting for this one. But, the ugly wood interface will be a show stopper.

    10. J>>> [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

      The wood pattern makes it different than other apps, I don't think its so important and I don't dislike it at all.

      Just reading the last progress, I cannot see myself typing a recipe. It will need some sort of social cookbook website to share recipes and download them. The picures used are beautiful but not very useful. Maybe with some collaborative cookbook recipe site we could get step by step pictures such as in

    11. Justin Belcher 94 months ago | reply

      I really tire of all this HIG evangelism. I empathize with the need for the guidelines, and agree that it brings a consistent user experience to the customers of the software---but if I see one more ap with an iTunes like sidebar I'm going to scream. I think the parts of the HIG that truly matter (guidelines for modal dialogs, icon and button spacing etc) are important and followed in this ap, and as for the skin form follows function and frankly I find something a little different refreshing.

      Apple should follow their own HIG to make sure their software (which is part of the operating system) presents a consistent end-user experience, but I can't get behind the notion that every app on OSX has to look exactly alike just because there are suggestions in place.

    12. Dale Kidz 94 months ago | reply

      ehem, Where IS this app???!!

    13. grkaplan [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

      All that faux bois makes it look tacky... I still like this one the best... it's simple, classy, and something that you wouldn't get tired of over time.

    14. christhomson 93 months ago | reply

      Can't wait for the beta!

    15. keithmarci 88 months ago | reply

      I think the interface is secondary to the content provided. Have you ever thought of working with Taste of Home or All Recipes website to offer their selections of recipes?

    16. aragost 86 months ago | reply

      (depicted above: tumbleweed passing by)

    17. alexgorstan 83 months ago | reply

      is this dev project still alive?

    18. Clemens S. Orth 83 months ago | reply

      Alex, I wouldn't think so. The forums are down since weeks and the website wasn't updated since 2007. Sadly, as I believe this would have been a great program. What's out there at the moment is rather poorly looking or very restricted in functionality.

    19. Erik K Veland 78 months ago | reply

      Predictably it was all just a dream...

      "Ken officially declared it dead today. Basically Phil approached him about finishing Cookbook. He agreed to work on it along with Yummy Soup and keeping them separate. Phil agreed. The contract arrived and low and behold it had Phil eventually owning Yummy Soup and shutting down its sales when Cookbook went public. Basically what was to be an agreement to work on Cookbook was turned into a way for Phil to own what Ken already did. Not cool. Needless to say Ken walked."

    20. AlbertKinng's Flickr Page 69 months ago | reply

      Wow you guys are so annoying!! if you want an app customized build it yourselves! The main idea it's build an app Apple-like with eye-candy GUI, when I use Pixelmator I enjoy seeing everything different than every other app, and helps my creativity too. This is far way better than others app and it still not finished. so lease forget about he GUI .. it is great already and let's pass to productivity. SHEESH!

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