maybe tomorrow

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    inspired by Stereophonics song with the same title

    I just love those words. I have absolutely no idea why

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    I'm uploading old photos from the archives since I haven't got anything new going on.
    i'm still sick. went to see a doctor yeasterday but he just told me to ride the storm out. so i'm riding.

    i also have plans to by a remote

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    1. Vadim Petrov 67 months ago | reply

      "So maybe tomorrow
      I'll find my way home"

    2. i_still_believe_in_u 67 months ago | reply

      excellent image, wonderfully composed!
      (seen in artistic photography)

    3. Son Of Fugazi ( 67 months ago | reply

      Lovely atmospheric shot, I don't normally like text on photo's but this is an exception. The text actually adds to the atmosphere. Get well soon.

    4. Mark Halski 67 months ago | reply

      Beautiful. I love your type design here as well.

    5. whittensabbatini [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

      i love these tones.
      and the contrast from the words and the picture.

    6. fanjason 67 months ago | reply

      tomorrow offers us what we can't have today...
      beautiful the way the words are laid out... hope for another day ;-)

      luv it!

    7. Minkel 67 months ago | reply

      Niiiiceee mood, great tones.
      This is a fantastic shot !!

    8. ^ V 67 months ago | reply

      beautiful shot!

    9. ĒTHANEA 67 months ago | reply

      the tones are absolutely lovely... as the title. well the colors of your pic and the words remind me of the movie "children of men" for some reason, dark, w/ hope and light to come.

    10. G.♡ [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

      gorgeous soft appeal...words fit so wonderfully with this image. : )
      I love this dusky, misty but yet peaceful mood.

    11. Paul Phung 67 months ago | reply

      this is incredible!!

    12. f l i c k r doesnt work 66 months ago | reply

      'am the worst postponer! These words would make an pretty accurate summary of me...

      : )

    13. ▲ Vanessa 66 months ago | reply

      lovely, your stream is quite wonderful.

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