Project 365 : 2009
Oh no, here I go again! This is my 3rd year taking pictures every day and while I can't believe I'm actually doing another 365 days, I can't imagine NOT taking pictures every day. It's a daily ritual now and a huge decision every day of my life is what to shoot next. Well, I suppose I haven't run out of ideas yet! My best piece of advice to anyone embarking on this Project is to endeavor to take and post your shot on the same day and not to get too far behind. I need to hold myself more accountable in this respect as I was 20 images shy and finding and processing those images on the very last day was a huge drag and nearly ruined my wedding anniversary--which happens to also on the 31st. My second piece of advice is to push through the tough times! Have a list of potential shots handy, so you don't crumble under pressure. Oh, and expect that right around picture 200 you might experience a desire to cave in and quit. But trust me, if you push past this, I promise you won't regret it. And work on building a community of fellow travelers as it can get very lonely otherwise. Lastly, it's not a bad idea to get a good How-to book on taking photographs, one which stresses composition and exposure.

Oh, and remember to have fun!

Now, on with the show!
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