Project 365 2007
Started January 1st! Somewhat a late-bloomer to back post my entries but it was too difficult to calculate the numbering system otherwise and I shoot everyday so it was just a matter of catching up so...! All photos tagged with [00?/2007] in the title,where ? refers to Image #.I have 3 extra pix tagged "p365 extra" in my set, one a flub early on where I switched a shot when I shouldn't have. And I've also included my 365 challenge shot, where we were asked to be creative in shooting our Project number. Lastly, my dear friend Stacey moved to Toronto and I somehow neglected to chronicle this event in my project and this cannot be overlooked!Concurrently I'm also uploading pix daily, tho' not necessarily snapped on the same day, to my photoblog, Mostly Sunny, which has become soley dependent upon a myriad of weekly photo challenges. which I am freakishly addicted to, for its life's blood: I'm proud to say I'm racking up featured images, rather crack vials.It leaves me wanting more...pant, pant.Note: Mostly Sunny, my photoblog is sadly suffering because of my project. So, it's not so updated as often anymore, but I'm trying to keep it up.A sucker for punishment, I started another project in February taking a photo a day of my 2 dogs, Babalu and Desi, partially as sort of a thumbs-up to the self-portrait folks. But it's taken off into more of a fun project for me, and I can't imagine missing a day, though, I admit, I'm tempted sometimes. But I've grown to love my dogs more than ever, and I've come to be a better doggy picture taker because of this project. Here's the link:, many of us reached our Halfway Mark, yea! So, a group of us in San Francisco had a get together to celebrate held at our place and here are some pics:
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